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Some soul-nourishing perspective from David Abram. We are alive and breathing on a living, breathing planet. Sentience. This way of knowing speaks more deeply to me than any other. Carve out some time to listen, and stick with it. I also recommend the interview with Joanna Macy--the first episode of the emergence podcast. 90 years old and fully alive.

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it's amazing!!! here's a line that really caught my attention, though. in the interview, she says "Our societies have tamed the dangerous excesses of raw capitalism before, and we must do it again."
such a huge and vague statement. i'd love to know which examples of taming she's thinking of.

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Terrific op-ed from Sunday's NYT: "In today’s Gilded Age — when chief executives are making well over 300 times what the typical worker brings home in pay — the idea [of co-determination] is getting new life." nytimes.com/2019/01/06/opinion

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