Why a 'Green New Deal' must be decolonial.

Basically correct, in my view. But, as with AOC's original GND proposal, the devil is in the details. How do you transform the vision into actual structural change?


"Contract for the Web" from Tim Berners-Lee. Great principles for the future of the web. Some real potential here (?) I'll be watching this.

Tim Berners-Lee unveils global plan to save the web

Inventor of web calls on governments and firms to safeguard it from abuse and ensure it benefits humanity.


This is worth revisiting. Turns out it was the brain-child of Naomi Klein, who also executive-produced! Figures. There is still no journalist writing today that I admire more. Go get On Fire: The (Burning) Case for a Green New Deal and read it! Even better: This Changes Everything.

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I'm thinking about taking down this Mastodon instance. The platform is really impressive. Some of the best open software I've seen. And it would be fun if we had more friends involved. But the kind of communicating we are doing now could probably be done just as well on something like Signal. It's not a big burden in terms of time or $. Just an extra thing to check. Do we want or need it?

And now for our regularly scheduled "scare your pants" off segment featuring the age-old conundrum of privacy vs security and "who you gonna trust" writ *very* large:



It's kind of astonishing to read this 2014 Deadspin article today. It's as if Trump took his playbook directly from gamergate. A prescient, considered, insightful prediction of the ethos and tools of today's vicious culture wars.


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