@monkey1 A good essay from Schneier on the problem of common-knowledge attacks, particularly "flooding" attacks aimed at destabilizing public discourse and "confidence" attacks aimed at undermining public belief in elections. How the threat is more insidious from inside (e.g. Trump) than out (e.g. Russia). How the purview of cybersecurity extends to democratic institutions and processes.



@monkey1 "Democracy is an information system."

This Schneier post provides context for the previous. A very interesting take on democracy vs autocracy, the roles of common and contested political knowledge in each, how such knowledge can be abused and manipulated, how it ought to be secured.

Haven't read the actual referenced paper yet.


@knyfe Still pondering what to do with this.... It is specially dispiriting knowing that there is a group of political actors who have no compunction manufacturing views of truth that are clearly at odds with reality.

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