This is heartbreaking. I don't want to become a merchant of doom, but I think this article correctly places climate change within the larger context of the overall impact of human beings on living systems. Climate change is both symptom and amplifier of a bigger, deeper problem which is leading to biological annihilation.

@knyfe I hear you--sometimes I feel that I am way too often the bearer of bad news. But we don't get to pick the fact that we are living in end times, for surely this is the end of the world that gave rise to our written culture. It is also the end times for all other cultures because of our ravenous greed and the unstoppable desire for growth of Capitalism.

But there is comfort in knowing we are not alone in our rejection of greed, inequality, and injustice.

@knyfe This morning I took a walk along the path by the Gorge. I saw the sunrise with clouds filled with streaks of red.

And then I noticed some really pretty ducks--maybe mergansers. Flying right above them, a lonely cormorant.

I continued walking towards our place and then, crossing the wooden bridge that I call the Bridge of Sorrows, I saw three seals fishing and eating their catch. Their movements were so fluid that I thought I sensed a feeling of play.

I then gave thanks for all of this.

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