Current conundrum: How does one "invest" in retirement (e.g. IRAs) when the entire system is implicated?

@knyfe There is no way out---it's like driving to work: you know you don't want to do it but the world is set up thus.

In my case: I have all my money in Nielsen retirement accounts and get no real choice.

IMO it's a hell of a lot worse than driving to work. Do you know what those companies are *doing* with that money? It's unconscionable. Like paying taxes which largely support militarization. But if I refuse to pay my taxes I end up in Federal prison. No one is *forcing* me to invest.

@knyfe Well, the problem is that money is no longer anything tangible. You don't have $100 sitting in a bank vault--the bank will use your money to lend to companies like Mitre or Raytheon. The money you have in the bank is working--you don't get the benefit.

I don't think there is anywhere you can go. Come to think of it, what does it mean to own US Dollars?

@knyfe Even Credit Unions are getting into the action. There might be some righteous banks out there--it's not Royal Bank of Canada!

The whole matter is indeed vexing....

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