@knyfe It's the beginning of the end: it means having all of our lives mediated by corporations. I never have had a Paypal account for that reason.

Banking (and credit cards) are already questionable: if my every move is to be tracked, I want the entity who does so accountable to me in some sense.

Reaganites (remember his "the 12 scariest words in English are: I am from the government and I am here to help you) will rue the day that they started undercutting civil institutions.

Supposedly the accountability in the private sector comes from the consumer's option to take their biz elsewhere. But how does that apply to a global electronic currency. And Calibra is quite open about their goal of creating the monetary infrastructure for a new form of "decentralized" government.

My point is: isn't it uncanny how much of the book of Revelation applies or could conceivably soon apply to our time - 1/2

What with the 7 trumpet blasts (eco collapse) and the mark of the beast (global cashless economy). Don't go googling that unless you want to enter a bottomless quagmire of wackery. But still! - 2/2

@knyfe You said "don't go googling that".... Whoa! They've got everything worked out!

We can't take our business elsewhere because of the network effect: this is why we need to figure out a way to make our data portable so that *we* get to pick the service that fits us.

But for that we need President Warren! (I didn't watch the debates but seems as though people are now giving her a chance).

I haven't seen anyone better yet.

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