Poll: Do I gotta add people's names to toots in order for them to get noticed? Cuz I find that functionally annoying and aesthetically unpleasing. Or do y'all check your Home and/or Local feeds anyhows?

@monkey1 @maerbear @jaimito @Meghan

@knyfe @maerbear @jaimito @Meghan

I look at my Notifications and Local Timeline feeds so I think I would see them. The trouble is when people respond: I don't see those responses unless I get mentioned in them, I think....

Everything posted by someone you follow (other than private messages) should appear in your Home feed. Did you see this one, monkey?

@knyfe My home feed is polluted with Cory Doctorow, Dwarf Fortress, etc. I miss things posted to my home feed. And I didn't see your reply in the local feed

You could unfollow anyone you find annoying. That should remove them from Home. Local feed shows only stop level public posts from members of our instance.


I was wondering what kind of message you'd get. I got a request to allow some spammy entity to follow me. In the past I have blocked them. But there was an option to report them--I guess that just goes to you...

@monkey1 I meant in regards to the pollution in your home feed. Also saw the report, which I'm going to look at now.


Doctorow is cool but he posts a lot, thus making it easy for me to miss some of your posts that aren't tagged.

I do get rid of people that I find annoying. Some of the not-so-interesting people I keep around just to get a sense of what people do.... I guess I am just curious! 🤣

@knyfe What did the report say? Anything you can do outside of your own instance? There were no toots attached to that handle....

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