It's kind of astonishing to read this 2014 Deadspin article today. It's as if Trump took his playbook directly from gamergate. A prescient, considered, insightful prediction of the ethos and tools of today's vicious culture wars.


I think the BBC movie that we watched (Hypernormalisation) is the best explanation thus far. Yes, gamergate IS the way of the internet but I think the destabilisation of truth and the strong leader is what's going on right now.

I'll get to the deadspin piece tomorrow...

Seems to me that Putin is more a purveyor of the strategic hypernormalisation/propaganda machine and Trump is more of a culture disrupter in it for the attention and the luls. Both in service to outsize egos. P cultivates a homogeneous Russian strong man image at home while both P and T simply sow chaos in the US. In the former. truth is distorted to form a more coherent false narrative. In the latter truth is distorted in esse. P is more like classic propaganda - 1/2


Clearly T is a lot cruder and plays an intuitive game (shallower). P seems more cerebral and more of a chess player.

Totally agree with the Gamergate analysis of T. He is an old dude who is a totally contemporary bully--that's a hard thing to pull off.

Thanks for the link!

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