This is worth revisiting. Turns out it was the brain-child of Naomi Klein, who also executive-produced! Figures. There is still no journalist writing today that I admire more. Go get On Fire: The (Burning) Case for a Green New Deal and read it! Even better: This Changes Everything.

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Yes, she's truly righteous! Will _This Changes Everything_ leave me destroyed (I am still recovering from Chris Hedges)?


This Changes Everything is much more hopeful than Hedges. I think it expresses the most critical argument of our time: that the climate crisis is the direct result of late stage capitalism (and more generally the long history of colonization). The hopeful part is that any real solution requires that we do the whole thing differently.
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@monkey1 This recent Klein article is pertinent.

"Because it means that when capitalism is doing precisely what it was built to do — produce unprecedented wealth — it is a crisis for both the majority of people and the planetary systems on which we depend."

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