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- In general, our privileging of the visual has monopolized and overtaxed the construction of meaning in our engagement with the world while stifling our imagination. We need a rest. We need to close our eyes and listen for a minute (or 40).
- Some of these podcasts are really great.

@monkey1 @maerbear @jaimito (Part 2)

- Unlike the written word, the human voice carries a host of somatic signifiers. The music/emotion/embodiment of humans communicating adds soul, fleshes out the meaning. Makes words human.
- Aside from the voice, audio content creates worlds to explore. Music, field recordings, even sound effects—if skillfully employed—are like food for our imaginations, helping us co-create the experience without the strictures of visual manipulation and overdetermination.

@monkey1 @maerbear @jaimito (Part one)

Whatever. I don't listen to stupid-ass shows, am not beholden to podcast culture, and don't listen to fill up brain space cuz I'm lonely.

Here's a few reasons why *good* podcasts are superior to other media forms:
- As with a book, our imagination is engaged to construct visual content. We are not tyrannized by visual (re)presentation.
- We are physically untethered from the screen. We can move our bodies freely while still engaging with rich content.


Played with it a while back. Mostly forgot about it. Have you tried it? Any advantage over Nextcloud Talk? I pretty much avoid all video chat/conferencing in any case.

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Yeah, we're cooked. How are you ever going to avoid AWS?

@monkey1 Great! Just the right balance of biting, funny, and true.

NYT is really stepping up their climate coverage. I'm impressed. Here's a nice, interactive, overview of the climate implications of food and diet choices.


Hmm. I've never actually heard a bad podcast. Maybe I should try harder?

Done! We should have the cash in a few weeks. Meghan? 🤗

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