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Goodbye, Chrome: Google’s web browser has become spy software

Our latest privacy experiment found Chrome ushered more than 11,000 tracker cookies into our browser — in a single week. Here’s why Firefox is better.

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Ruling by tweet! Or simply sowing chaos. Why does anyone even pay attention to what this man says? It's patently obvious he just spews whatever pops up in his very stable genius stream of fox media-addled semiconsciousness. And people try to form policy from this? Federal judges base decisions on a tweet ? The market is thrown? Nutty-bangers!
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@monkey1 You still using PIA for VPN? How's the speed? I'm pretty happy with my setup. It's fast and kills ads brilliantly. But can't switch server locations.

What with the 7 trumpet blasts (eco collapse) and the mark of the beast (global cashless economy). Don't go googling that unless you want to enter a bottomless quagmire of wackery. But still! - 2/2

Supposedly the accountability in the private sector comes from the consumer's option to take their biz elsewhere. But how does that apply to a global electronic currency. And Calibra is quite open about their goal of creating the monetary infrastructure for a new form of "decentralized" government.

My point is: isn't it uncanny how much of the book of Revelation applies or could conceivably soon apply to our time - 1/2

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Cool update if you use a browser to access Go into your preferences and *deselect* "enable advanced web interface" and you will switch to a single column view. Much nicer and less cluttered IMHO. You can also select between light and dark themes, if you like.

Seems like only Andres and myself care much about using this, but maybe interface improvements will be more encouraging?


I love this kind of experiment in meta-view -- in this case modeling diffusion in networks. How much can be drawn by analogy is up for debate, but it's fun to play around with the data modeling in any case.

@monkey1 I've seem some earlier, cruder versions of distributed web. But this is interesting...

@monkey1 And I am currently on the crash end of 1 1/2 potent cold presses. Past the point of revival by further caffeine. Is science telling me that I'm giving up too soon?

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Warren is the smartest and most righteous policy wonk out there. I'll take her as president any day. Unfortunately, winning elections isn't about having good policy. Although I do hope, as Manjoo suggests, she is raising the bar.

Hear hear. Lepore is always good for a quality civics lesson! This article distils some of the spirit of These Truths.
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@monkey1 Yeah, the bastages. I keep returning to FF for these reasons, but am currently using Brave as default cuz it's just plain faster and I can lock it down with the same privacy extensions I use in FF. That plus wireguard and pihole keeps me largely out of the weeds.

Yup. That's what I run on my VPN server, tunneled through wireguard. Works great. I can send you the wireguard configs to try it out, if you want. Server is in SF, so no getting around sites blocking US.

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- In general, our privileging of the visual has monopolized and overtaxed the construction of meaning in our engagement with the world while stifling our imagination. We need a rest. We need to close our eyes and listen for a minute (or 40).
- Some of these podcasts are really great.

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