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An example of what is almost entirely absent from the global debate on climate change:

"The relationship between geoengineering and the preservation of capitalism is thus evident: in order to continue with the model of development and industrial production that has caused the climate disaster, high-risk technofixes are proposed so that some can survive while preserving their privileges, even if it implies a whole series of new environmental and social threats for millions of other people."

This weekly Climate Fwd newsletter from NYT is a good place to start to stay informed about climate change. Recommended.

Solving Our Climate Crisis: A National Town Hall. Look at this lineup. Definitely going to check it out.

Review of The Fifth Risk by Michael Lewis. How Trump embraces the vulgar & sensational to distract us from the slow effective work of subverting governance. The public service sector is gutted. Critical positions simply left empty. Those who are appointed have a history of hostile opposition to the departments they are now leading.

"The best way to undermine government is to make it as stupid and as inept as your rhetoric has always claimed it to be."

This looks like a promising effort to change the way we do news and media. I'm going to contribute and follow along.

Sorry for all the Ezra Klein Show links, but man, this interview is so good. Deep history of trolling (e.g. 4chan) creates the foundation and sets the tone for current toxic, racist web and dysfunctional media. Trump as the master troll. How the mainstream media gets played again & again. Current state of media as evidence that democracy and capitalism are incompatible. Whitney Phillips embedded herself in troll culture for years for research. Whip smart and articulate.

Ezra Klein in a nuanced discussion with conservative writer David French. Touching on subjects such as white liberal elites, identity politics, interpretive generosity, the toxic funnel of Twitter, intersectionality, civil liberties, tolerance, etc. Really worthwhile and instructive to listen to a thoughtful conversation between people with differing points of view.

(Part 4) "Whereas Obama followed the rules of Aristotelian drama and thus resembled a president from Aaron Sorkin’s imagination, Trump obeys the antinarratives of reality television, where what matters most is not coherence or logical progression, but chaos and titillation."

(Part 3) "By contrast, Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, and Kellyanne Conway have proved dexterous postmodernists, deconstructing not just the narrative about America that Obama and his speechwriters had spent the previous eight years fashioning, but also the rudiments of narrative itself—plot, coherence, truth, and meaning."

(Part 2) "Part of the comfort we took in the Obama presidency was knowing that we were in the hands of an adept storyteller... No matter the national turmoil or geopolitical crisis, we felt confident that, with Obama at the helm, the plot would invariably swerve toward a denouement of decency and justice...."

"Political Fictions: Unraveling America at a West Wing Fan Convention." Probably no need to read the whole thing unless you are a Wingnut, but I found this insightful: "In order to govern effectively, one needed to remain cognizant of the motifs and themes that animate the American fable—optimism, inclusivity, hard work, and progress—a narrative expansive enough to hold together the disparate factions of the nation." (Part 1, continued in thread)

A wonky, data-driven discussion of the role of identity in the 2016 election. The take-away: Race was the deciding factor. Obama leads to Trump. Less-educated white voters were racially triggered under Obama.Trump skillfully taps into the building fear and rage. Social Media stokes the fire, but Russia itself probably had negligible impact on the election. The data supports what Ta-Nehisi Coates more eloquently argues in We Were Eight Years in Power: An American Tragedy.

Geek Alert! This Ezra Klein Show with Jaron Lanier on the dangers of social media is just great. Lanier is cogent, insightful, eloquent. Not sure what I expected! Call me a fan, both of Lanier and Klein. @monkey1

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