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NYT is really stepping up their climate coverage. I'm impressed. Here's a nice, interactive, overview of the climate implications of food and diet choices.

Want to Escape Global Warming? These Cities Promise Cool Relief

While climate change affects everywhere, some areas in America will be less affected than others. And some of those fortunate places, it happens, might be looking for people.


"The ontology of the realized, resolved, coherent, and watertight individual who acts upon the external world in a bid to save it is a troubled portrait of agency, given our emerging entanglements with the world around us." -- Bayo Akomolafe

Victoria BC, Canada:

April 26: (The Base) Public Talk by Bayo Akomolafe: “Abayomi: The Times are Urgent, Let us Slow Down”

April 27-28: (The Base) A 2-Day Workshop by Bayo Akomolafe: “Making Sanctuary in Earnest Times”

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This is a deep, masterful exploration of race, DNA, embodiment, wierdness, the anthropocene, and the limits of both biological determinism and the social construction of identity. Wow.

When You Meet the Monster, Anoint Its Feet

In the age of the Anthropocene and entrenched politics of whiteness, Bayo Akomolafe brings us face-to-face with our own unresolved ancestry.

Cheese exposed to hip-hop tastes better, finds Swiss experiment

A quirky experiment that exposed Swiss cheese to different kinds of music found that hip-hop made it taste the best.

Current conundrum: How does one "invest" in retirement (e.g. IRAs) when the entire system is implicated?

Some soul-nourishing perspective from David Abram. We are alive and breathing on a living, breathing planet. Sentience. This way of knowing speaks more deeply to me than any other. Carve out some time to listen, and stick with it. I also recommend the interview with Joanna Macy--the first episode of the emergence podcast. 90 years old and fully alive.

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This checklist is a pretty good place to start for basic internet security.

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