charles blow. so good. again.

"...No one should endeavor to live their life as an exemplar for the white gaze. For the oppressed to feel any obligation to fix the flaw in the oppressor is simply another form of oppression."

oh right, @monkey1 doesn't see posts unless we tag him!

another way that white supremacist capitalism destroys tenderness, beauty, and support in human relationships.

good morning! 2 songs in one. daily dose of beautiful and badass, disney relations notwithstanding.

@jaimito @knyfe

@knyfe @monkey1 nate, i noticed you've posted/boosted a couple anti-chrome-browser things lately. i tried firefox on my phone but it's super slow. i noticed a comment recommending bromite for android. do u know much about it? what do u use on your phone?

awww yeah, lego competition goodness! click for full effect....

made this the other day with a kidster at work. birdbeak humanoid w/a fancy dress. that was fun!

this is depressing on so many levels
media machine concentration, power to influence.


Disney seals $71bn deal for 21st Century Fox as it prepares to take on Netflix

before we had to deconstruct everything and move out.

monkey finally saw the light and learned to like indoor plants! @knyfe @Meghan

super duper good piece on why poc need spaces sans white folks. spiritual/meditation/sangha lense, too, for the buddhists in the house @knyfe @jaimito but widely applicable principles for any sphere.

just saw this speech for the first time. she kicks so much ass!!!
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez lambasts US government shutdown in first House speech – video

"In Wisconsin, the decline in black voter turnout between 2012 and 2016 was 86,830 votes. Hillary Clinton lost the state by a mere 22,748 votes. If Clinton won over more of the black Democrats who voted in 2012 in just three states—Wisconsin, Florida, and Michigan—she would have won the election. So why didn’t black voters turn out for Clinton?"

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