@Meghan @knyfe this is your retirement home. I did the hard part: finding it. Now you must buy it!

Maureen Dowd has a nice turn of phrase:

"The First Narcissist’s all-consuming blend of braggadocio and insecurity has turned Washington and its rickety institutions into a dystopian outpost of his id."


@knyfe Oh, Emacs, how I love you!

I needed a REST client to test my API and was using Postman but discovered this:


Not fancy but it is a great way to do some fast testing!

This is a really good introductory article to reverse-proxy for NodeJS with a focus on Nginx. It explains clearly the concept of reverse-proxy and gives good perspective on why it is a good thing to do for NodeJS applications.


@knyfe Very nerdy but pretty interesting video about Systemd and the brouhaha that surrounded its adoption:


@knyfe This is really heart warming: the generosity of people and even more astounding clarity of the parents and the kid


@knyfe Are you hip to N. K. Jemisin? She's my main lady now! (Sci-fi wise....)

@knyfe @maerbear @Meghan

I found the short movie below very moving: a leftist Israeli woman moves to a West Bank settlement in an effort to have a dialogue with residents. There is no resolution but I was very impressed by her ability to meet the settlers and engage with them.


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