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Farhad Manjoo keeps on writing thoughtful columns. I think he's 100% right about his take on Elizabeth Warren:


@knyfe Pretty sure you have already read this but just in case...


This is why we can't have nice things.

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This dude came out of nowhere: he was the technical reviewer for the Times. He now pens some of the most progressive pieces on its Op-Ed page:


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This is a really good article about racism focusing on the ambiguity of microaggressions while also taking a broad view of the problem. Recommended.



On podcasts:

I just realized that I have been rehashing for you Plato's argument against writing ..... 🤣

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Really lame response to the Chris Hughes piece by Nick Clegg (the Brexit dissembler--makes sense that he works for FB)


For how many years now has Zuckerberg been telling us that he will do better? Though the reference betrays my background and privilege, Cicero put it best:

Quo usque tandem abutere Catilina patientia nostra?

@maerbear @knyfe Though I think dude still has a gap in terms of privilege awareness, I though this article made a bunch of valid points:


Something that wasn't said was that it is very unlikely that the traditional media will challenge the man with jobs in journalism being so tenuous....

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