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I don't have enough context to vouch for every detail but I do find this piece convincing and very troubling


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This article makes a succinct but very clear argument about the opportunities lost in the Obama presidency. To be clear: Obama is personally admirable. But he wasn't nearly as effective as I would have liked. He also allowed the Democratic party to become ossified.


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Another article on Critical Theory that meets my requirement of length (short), style (well-written), and rhetorical strategy (clear). And I think they are right.


What if we just cut out the middle man, and hosted all of the world's business computation directly on the CIA's servers?

If there's one group of people you can guarantee won't pry into secrets that aren't theirs, it's the Intelligence Community!


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This, on the other hand, is positively delightful! This is what can happen when pedestrians and bikes are at the centre of things!


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Ezra Klein has an excellent piece on the spat between Pelosi and the Squad.

Not mentioned is the hard-ball politics of blacklisting any political consultancy that works for primary challengers of incumbent house members--effectively locking in those already in office--definitely not what the progressive left wants.


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It's really easy to get lost in the weeds of the pundits. I think the transcript of the latest discussion on the citizenship question is a really good window into how the government is working under Trump:


It is really, really sad

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Excellent documentary on climate change--only 1 hour long


Need to set your VPN to the UK (at least that's what I had to do).

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