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Looks like we might get another 6" - 10" of snow on top of the 4" we got yesterday.

The town is going nuts! It is gorgeous outside with the snow covering the evergreens thickly and every little branch of the barren deciduous trees encased in its own cocoon of white fluffy beauty!

Welcome to Victoria's Big Blizzard of 2019!

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Another review of Zuboff's book on "Surveillance Capitalism"

Killer quote: Current policy debates, however, fail to grasp the systemic dimension of the problem. Does it matter if our behavior is modified by ten or two “surveillance capitalists”? To insist on “advanced encryption, improved data anonymity, or data ownership” is mistaken, Zuboff argues, as “such strategies only acknowledge the inevitability of commercial surveillance.”


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I really liked this article on the future of journalism by Jill Lepore. Maybe not the deepest analysis but it was still worth reading and the personal touch she includes in the piece was endearing.


Still, I think Mastodon has done more to make decentralized tech accessible than anything else I've seen. There are non-techies on the fediverse! There are people here who don't know what SSH is! That's a miracle.

I hope we continue doing this kind of good work and bringing more people into the humane, privacy-respecting, own-your-own-data world. It would be a shame if we succeeded on the technical front but failed on the human front, and people turned around and went back to the silos.

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The reality:

"So what happens if we measure global poverty at the low end of this more realistic spectrum – $7.40 per day, to be extra conservative? Well, we see that the number of people living under this line has increased dramatically since measurements began in 1981, reaching some 4.2 billion people today. Suddenly the happy Davos narrative melts away."

I don't think Steven Pinker or Bill Gates are stupid: this is wilful ignorance.

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The killer line from the previous Guardian article on poverty is:

"Pinker and Gates have gone even further, saying we shouldn’t complain about rising inequality when the very forces that deliver such immense wealth to the richest are also eradicating poverty before our very eyes."

Anand Ghiradharadas has been hanging out with these folks---it's clear that the Davos set doesn't want ANY kind of reform.

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Some of my corporate friends have been making hay about the success of capitalism and its eradication of poverty along the same lines as Mr. Gates.

This article makes it very clear that those claims are nonsense: people who are living on $2 are poor, no question about it.

As a reference, consider that Colombia has a legally mandated minimum salary of $250/month or $12.50/day. Everybody there knows that this not close to being enough.


Why a 'canonical text representation'?

Because computers have keyboards and the keys have text on them. They are how we do high-bandwidth, high-detail data entry.

If your computer has no keyboard of any kind then MAYBE a GUI with no text representation of its contents makes sense.

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